WebSQL4You is Knowledge4You’s solution to the increasing demand of managing and administering databases over the Internet; a complete Web-based database managing and reporting tool.

It allows an unlimited number of users to simultaneously perform various tasks on any object in different versions of Oracle environments directly from their web browsers, with no additional client software. Users can simply log in according to the privileges they have been granted by the DBA on each database and complete their assignments. In today’s fast moving, complex informational world, both your own employees and customers cannot be left waiting or unattended. Availability and reliability are crucial to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through its central source of information management, WebSQL4You allows businesses to build, manage and measure information in their databases across the enterprise at a minimum cost.

We take care the upgrades are done on time with regularity in order to receive the latest innovations and benefits.

WebSQL4You Essentials

WebSQL4You gives you complete control over all types of objects (tables, views, triggers, procedures etc.) and remote access using any Oracle environment (7.3.x, 8i, 9i, 11i) and from a remote location using the highly secure HTTPS protocol. A browser will suffice to let you homogeneously manage different versions of Oracle from anywhere.

The Connectivity Factor

WebSQL4You gives you access to your databases from any computer with a Java-enabled browser with SSL encryption support. The application only provides a Web interface for managing all Oracle objects, the access and user rights being managed by the Oracle server.


Through its intuitive interface, WebSQL4You allows database users to easily centralize and homogenize database access, management and development across the enterprise, drastically reducing operational time and costs. Companies can now streamline the technical support, automate upgrades and cut maintenance costs.


Users with various roles within the organization take full advantage of the friendly interface to create and distribute SQL and PL/SQL code across multiple locations.


WebSQL4You Installed inside the organization’s network and as such provides direct access through the Internet to all Oracle databases. There is no need for any client software – a connection to the Internet and a browser would suffice to manage the Oracle database from practically anywhere.


ou can significantly improve your operational time when it comes to producing reports from different databases across the organization. WebSQL4You provides an easy-to-use interface that facilitates the formatting and deployment of your reports.

Architecture and Security

WebSQL4You The application server is deployed in the local network where Oracle applications and web servers are installed, fully protected by the intranet security.

WebSQL4You relies on the security system provided by the Oracle server(s) it connects to. On top of that, the security is increased through the platform independent web interface. No costly VPN, insecure firewall configurations or slow dial-up connectivity are required.

On the client side, database users can access the application from any Java-enabled browser with SSL encryption support and connect to any/all Oracle server(s) in the intranet. There is no need to change the network security.

Transmission is ensured via secured Internet connections using the HTTPS protocol, which provides 2048-bit data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and client authentication. 2048-bit SSL is the standard for large-scale online merchants, banks, brokerages, healthcare organizations, and insurance companies worldwide.

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