Survey4You is the complete survey solution that provides companies with access to employee, client and business partner decision through secure online surveys. Analysts can use survey results to leverage important information into decisions. Survey4You is a Web-enabled solution that provides organizations with the quickest and most accurate means of conducting qualitative assessments on any aspect of their day-to-day business, including:

  • 360 degree feedback surveys
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys
  • Employee satisfaction (ESAT) surveys

Survey outsourcing has become a desireable business practice because more and more organizations perceive real value in it. It creates an environment of a secure, confidential and unbiased collection of responses.

It is extremely cost effective; experienced survey providers take care of the logistics from conception to final reporting and analysis. Survey4You fully answers this challenge by delivering administration, execution, accurate compilation and reporting of survey results.

Multilingual Tool

Survey4You is a multilingual-enabled tool that can accommodate any type of information and feedback:

  • Sections
  • Questions
  • All types of answers
  • Comments
  • Various rating schemes


Survey4You has a built-in administration module, allowing the survey generators to create the survey structure and content according to their individual business needs. However, due to the desire for impartiality in survey methods, many companies prefer to outsource the survey services.

Knowledge4You can make the complex survey administration easy:

  • Invitation: Personalized e-mails are sent to participants with a link to the survey, inviting them to complete the survey on-line.
  • Accessibility: A traditional paper-based survey is made available to participants who do not have access to the Internet.
  • Follow-up: E-mail reminders are sent to participants and, if requested, there is direct contact with those who have not completed the survey.
  • Support: Technical assistance is promptly provided for accessing and completing the survey.
  • Monitoring: The survey process is monitored daily and statistics on the status of completion and issues are provided.

At the client’s request, an expert in survey administration will provide a comprehensive analysis of the results collected.

Reporting and Analysis

Survey4You is complemented by a powerful data analysis and reporting capability, provided through the OLAP4You engine. Reporting survey results and performing in-depth analysis enable business analysts to seamlessly gain insights into peoples’ opinions and make informed decisions to improve the bottom line.

Built on advanced OLAP technology, the tool successfully meets the most demanding reporting and analysis needs. Its engine provides powerful ad-hoc and scheduled reporting capabilities to generate meaningful information.

Multiple data sources

Data can be seamlessly extracted and combined from any database, flat files or application specific files. Survey results can be compared against previous surveys or other application data (CRM, HR applications).

Intuitive presentation of data

End-users are presented with business views of data they can easily understand and process, without knowing any technical details that lie beneath the friendly interface.

Data mining and cube analysis

Built-in OLAP cubes enable users to easily navigate through data, apply functions and filters, and create computed columns to gain insight into the relevant aspects of the business. Exceptional performance and functionality are achieved through ad-hoc query and analysis capabilities, which empower the users to drill-down and up through data, slicing and dicing it to the desired level of detail.

Rich formatting capabilities

The resulting reports can be formatted at presentation quality layout, while allowing users to seamlessly change and share the analyses.


Reports and analyses built on survey results are deployable to a large number of users, without affecting performance or security.

The reporting and analysis module provides amazing possibilities of computing and displaying the information, featuring:

  • Comprehensive mathematical and statistical functions;
  • Multidimensional data analysis, drill down, slice and dice;
  • Calculated columns to support “what if” scenarios.

Data can be grouped according to the criteria defined by the user, can be looked at from various angles, and can serve as the basis for reports with different degrees of granularity. The final reports can be formatted in various ways and can be saved for later reference in industry-standard formats: PDF, HTML, Excel or CSV.

Data Connectivity

The reporting and analysis module within Survey4You is built around OLAP4You. It can collect and consolidate data from old legacy applications to the latest in e-business and database systems, in order to make operational data report-ready.

Data integration allows users to access, integrate and transform enterprise data from any sources for reporting, query and analysis, and performance management. This will ensure the information that consumers will be working with is up-to-date and meaningful.

Whether users need to report data provided by Survey4You, CRM, ERP, KM or other applications, use data stored in industry-leading RDBMS, or use simple flat files, through OLAP4You they can easily extract, transform and load that data into meaningful cubes for multidimensional reporting and analysis. Since the cubes always extract data from live, operational sources, users work with real data to create their reports.

Data integration boosts the solution deployment time and reduces overall project costs, resulting in increased IT productivity, reduced application’s total cost of ownership, and maximized value of investment in enterprise applications.

The integration of survey results with data from other applications can provide executives with a better understanding of their business, customers, partners, and employees, and as a result, improve the bottom line.

Course and Instructor Feedback Surveys and Results Reporting

Knoweldge4You Corp. provides a web based service designed for collecting Student feedback on Courses and Instructors. This service includes six standard reports as part of the basic service level.
There are three service levels to chose from as well as the option for customizing your service level if your requirements are different from the predefined levels.

The service levels are designed in a way that allows starting at the basic level and later transitioning to a higher level if desired.

The main benefits of our web based approach are:

  • Eliminate paper survey form production, handling, and storage
  • No data entry required
  • Results reported within five business days
  • Enhanced reporting capability
  • Overall reduced effort and expense
  • Increased flexibility for modifying surveys and reports

Click here to download a PDF document and to see a more complete description which includes:

  • Sample survey questions
  • Sample reports
  • List of service features
  • Service level options
  • Pricing approach options