The Health Care Education Platform

An all-encompassing health science information system servicing programs for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, graduate studies, dentistry, midwifery, nursing, physiotherapy – and all other allied health care programs.

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The Admissions module allows users to manage all aspects of the admissions process including:

  • Applicant’s personal, education, and academic background
  • Offers of acceptance
  • Admission calculations and interview management
  • Student records
  • Non-bias candidate selection
  • Student credentialing (immunization and required documents)
  • Recording & tracking of immunization records
Electives Management
  • Student elective registration
    • Allow students to browse previously taken electives
    • Manage and automate the registration process for home school electives between students and preceptor/placement contacts
  • Communicate the status of all electives in progress to a pre-defined set of stakeholders (e.g. student, preceptor and/or placement contact) facilitate the interaction between the students and the placement contacts in the process of requesting and approving elective experiences
Professionalism Module
  • Student mistreatment reporting procedures
  • Timely and prompt resolution process
  • Oversight for scheduled professionalism evaluations
  • Alerts and notifications for flagged performance
Curriculum Management (CIR AAMC Export)
  • Academic, clinical, longitudinal and elective scheduling
  • Clinical and educational activity reporting

With the Evaluations module, users can provide feedback & measure learner, teacher, and course performance:

  • Program improvement through student, teacher and course evaluations
  • Faculty performance measures (teaching effectiveness score)
  • Regularly scheduled (midpoints, finals), timely and formative feedback
Alerts and Non-Compliance

This module provides the ability for administrators and learners to receive and track alerts for the following:

  • Missing and expired registration and immunization information
  • Evaluation non-compliance and low performance flagging
Registration, LOGS (Letter of Good Standing), Transcripts, HALs

Designated users can load, review, and update profile details required to manage each learner including

  • Online preregistration / registration, and payment
  • Learner status, schedules, and flags for missing information
  • Transcripts, registration, & academic difficulty
  • Electronic LOA process generation and sign off
  • Medical Student Performance Records (MSPR)
  • Marks and final standings
  • LOGS
  • HAL’s
Procedure Logs

This module provides learners with the means to log medical procedures performed and assist with the accreditation compliance requirements:

  • Record procedures, assign supervisors, and approve logs
  • Report on procedures logged, level of responsibility, self-score and complications
Reporting Module

The Reporting & Analysis module provides the users valuable pre-packaged reports and a solution to be able to develop new reports and queries. Through a user-friendly interface, users can:

  • Analyze multidimensional information
  • Create calculated columns to support “what if” scenarios
Accolades and Incident Reporting
  • Wizards for any user to report an incident (professionalism / mistreatment) and/or accolade
  • Notification and escalation process to address immediate mistreatment reports and accolades
Course Management
  • Course definition, overview and resources
  • Course schedules
  • Student groups
  • Clerkship assignment
Course, Rotation and Track Scheduling

This module enables users to maintain and update curriculum and rotation information including:

  • Scheduling including teacher and location assignments
  • Academic, clinical, longitudinal and elective scheduling
User Management, Security, System Settings
  • Role Based
  • Functions, Access and Alerts generated based on Roles
  • Read or Read/Write access granted by function
  • Access Granted by:
    • Campuses
    • Courses/Sessions
    • Hospitals
    • Departments
  • Login History
  • Mailing History

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An all-encompassing health science information system servicing programs for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, graduate studies, dentistry, midwifery, nursing and physiotherapy.

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Manage learners in your hospital with ONE solution. MedSIS 3C helps education administrators at every step of the learner life cycle and delivers tangible benefits along the way.

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The advantage of having an integrated medical education platform

Proper planning of an integrated solution often takes a back seat to short-term organization goals. As a consequence, various disparate applications are installed at different points in time in various functional areas, resulting in process inefficiencies and software integration challenges. But how did these problems arise in the first place, and how can they be avoided?

At the beginning the accreditation compliance…
A rapidly organizing school/teaching hospital can quickly become entangled within a complex application landscape. When starting out, medical schools first install an admissions solution.

Engage students and faculties in everything you do.

In the quest to acquire more control over tracking the students and hospitals, schools then incorporate standalone trainee managing systems, with additional systems used to resolve trainee support issues. Locations and rotations are addressed with disparate software and spreadsheets.

To further increase the operability of the admissions, many schools will open new possibilities for payment resulting in more sophisticated processes for e-commerce integration, financial consolidation, amongst many others. Additional medical student management software used to support these processes can take the form of standalone applications from different suppliers, homegrown applications, or a variety of spreadsheet workarounds.

94,578 evaluations were generated in the previous year for one of our clients. This means around 500,000 sheets of paper. Do you encourage politics with better environmental impact?

Organizations that evolve their systems over time in this manner can find themselves with a poorly planned architecture that handles short-term tactical needs sub-optimally while holding back from scaling efficiently over the long term. This “software hairball” inhibits flexibility, productivity, and decision making.

To keep your efficiency growing, it is essential to have your software applications integrated around a single codebase, database and business process. The advantages of designing your systems in this manner yields tremendous cost savings and improved productivity, including:

  • Reliable information
  • Policy compliance
  • Real time visibility
  • Optimized cost
  • Optimized processes

A key to success for MedSIS 3c is its modular and expandable (scalable) systems; Internet-based, client-server architecture, which only requires an Internet connection and an Internet browser to be installed on the client side.