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True cloud experience

With IT no longer having to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems as well as the various integrations between them, a significant reduction in operational costs can be realized while IT time can be spent improving the business operations.

We are knowledgeable in building web-enabled systems with large data sets, and maintaining and keeping the systems up and running, thereby achieving high customer satisfaction.

We have the responsibility of an experienced vendor and we offer a shared updated infrastructure which works like a utility. The best part is that you only pay for what you need.


of enterprises who have separate budgets for cloud computing are predicting spending increases this year and into 2014

Consistent with many other enterprise cloud computing surveys, security is the roadblock to cloud computing adoption (30%). Migration and integration of legacy and on-premise systems with cloud applications (18%) is second, and lack of internal process (18%) is third. The following graphic shows a rank ordering of cloud computing-related pain points.

Lack of internal process13%

The InfoPro Wave 5 Cloud Computing Study is based on research completed in the first six months of 2013, and relies on live interviews with IT management and primary decision-makers in midsize and large enterprises in Europe and North America.

Just looking at our list of clients can give you a glimpse of the level of trust we share with our clients. We are used to working with large amount of confidential data, as we deal with more than 100,000 users over our main three solutions. With us you have more reliable, secure, and speedy access to your systems anytime, anywhere.

You have a choice!

You can service yourself. You can manage, configure, customize, and maintain cloud applications immediately. No need to hire expensive consultants every time you want to make a change to your application.