Our Approach

Welcome to Knowledge4You Corporation, a software development company with a different approach. Over the years we have developed a sharp business acumen and gained a vast store of knowledge through close interaction with our customers. Our client portfolio extends over a large variety of business sectors, from financial, investments, education and technology industries to medical and government organizations.

Our Expertise

Knowledge4You’s expertise stands out in the areas of data warehousing, reporting and analysis, and business intelligence. Our core team consists of exceptionally talented individuals with vast experience in the most current sectors of the IT business.

The data-centric methodology we’ve honed delivers within specifications, on time and on budget, and reflects in the impressive list of blue-chip customers we have attracted in financial services, technology, academic and government sectors as well as industry associations.

Our methodology is founded on advanced data modeling techniques. The most indicative indicator of the success of our data-centric methodology is the willingness of our customers to give us repeat business.

To fine-tune our software to meet particular business requirements, our team works closely with customers to understand their needs and tailor our products accordingly. Our emphasis on data modeling extends to the professionals we recruit as developers and business analysts.

We excel in creating efficient solutions designed to transform data into meaningful information by offering a complete environment for business intelligence applications:

  • Information retrieval
  • Data mining
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Analytical applications
  • Information dissemination

Whether you require assistance designing the right solution for your needs, implementing it efficiently, developing tailored software, or acquiring a specific tool, you’ll find the resources you need at Knowledge4You.

Business Knowledge

For many software developers, the strategy for securing new or additional business is to underbid the competition, then manage the project to make money. Generally this is not in the best interest of the customer, as this strategy often results in low performance, cost overruns and late delivery.

We acknowledge the importance of business knowledge when it comes to implementing tailored IT solutions. Our consultants, business analysts and IT professionals bring their extensive experience to each project. We develop a detailed understanding of your business, providing you with a proper, fine-tuned solution to meet your specific needs.

We hire people who are more than just programmers, database administrators or systems engineers. All of our IT professionals have extensive knowledge and understanding of data modeling, with experience in a wide span of industries. They naturally assume the importance and the meaning of data to our customers’ decision-making processes.

Our professionals continuously enrich their knowledge to gain insights into various business sectors. We have proven our deep and reliable understanding of the main areas in today’s business environments:

  • Finance and Investments
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Standards Associations