Businesses Intelligence Solution

Our suite of Business Intelligence products will provide you with 21st century analysis and reporting tools.

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Medical School Information System

Talk to us about our cloud-based system that revolutionizes the way you work and access information.

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For Healthcare Professionals

More than 230 active communities, providing a way for their members to learn, share and make an impact in healthcare.

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Survey Solution

We offer a complete solution for collecting and analyzing events on your Website, gathered together with information from other applications.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Expertise

Knowledge4You’s expertise stands out in the areas of data warehousing, reporting and analysis, and business intelligence. Our core team consists of exceptionally talented individuals, each with vast experience in the most current sectors of the IT business.

Business Knowledge

We acknowledge the importance of business knowledge when it comes to implementing tailored IT solutions. Our consultants, business analysts and IT professionals bring their extensive experience to each project. We develop a detailed understanding of your business, providing you with a proper, fine-tuned solution to meet your specific needs.

Development & Support

With a permanent focus on customers we synchronize the deliverables and offer our expertise to build a successful experience. With a complete suite of tools and enhanced support from our team, you can concentrate on core processes rather than the supporting ones, reducing operational and recruitment cost.


Welcome to Knowledge4You Corporation, a Medical Education Solution provider with a complete suite of products and modules that have been developed with your unique needs in mind.

Our products were designed in collaboration with faculty and administrators from medical schools with the goal to streamline the management and administration of medical education. Our solutions assist with every step of the student life cycle and deliver tangible benefits along the way by helping save time, reduce errors, and lower operations costs.

In addition, our products improve compliance with school, faculty, and government policies and regulations.


We are happy to announce that Logibec acquired Knowledge4You Corporation on October 28th, 2019.

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“Knowledge4You is definitely client-centric”- D. L. H., Manager, Client-First Metrics & Analytics Technology & Operations
“It has truly revolutionized the way we do business”- A. M. C., Manager
“The discipline brought to the project by your management skills gave me the comfort I needed”- J. T. G., Vice President, Finance Chief Financial Officer
“The work that your company did changed our organization for the better”- L. D., Director, Systems and Administration